Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScript
Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScript
Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScript
RealTime SIA
Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScript
Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScript

Frontend Engineer - JavaScript/TypeScriptRealTime SIA

What we do

We’re on a new innovative journey of building new games and gaming platform that is allowing high-load and is supporting thousands of players concurrently playing our games and using our products. At the same time offering a great player experience via custom-built platform, being resilient, reactive and message driven, utilising event sourcing and CQRS.

Best of all - we’re passionately building it from scratch! No bugs, no legacy.

• We are looking for the people with the excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript (and
• Good communication skills, proficient English skills
• Passionate to learn a lot of new things - technology and on the iGaming side: deep dive
into industry internals and world of high-load, reactive systems

You should apply if:
• You're a JavaScript & ReactJS expert
• You have Typescript knowledge
• You're familiar with the state-management in React. Experience with MobX is a bonus
• You're able to write maintainable and scalable code

Desirable Attributes

• Experience of working in the online gambling industry is a strong plus
• Experience with the building of the real-time web applications is a strong plus
• Familiarity with the tools like CSS-modules and postCSS
• Knowledge of the mobile browsers specifics and experience of optimising web applications
for the mobile devices
• Experience with the code quality tools such as unit-testing, functional testing.
Understanding of CI/CD concepts
• Experience of remote work

If you feel like some of the requirements are the areas you feel needs improving - no worries!
We have a united team that would help get you up to speed and help you learn, being a productive engineer, building new market disruptive and innovative products along the way.

The Team & Our Modus Operandi

• Start-up culture, allowing for creativity and trying new things
• We work in self-organising agile teams
• Dev teams have all the support from infrastructure, business, technology and leadership
• We’re open and transparent in decision making: everyone has a voice, new ideas are
always welcome
• Constant feedback and support to individuals
• We value results over process and tools
• We value team-work, so the best candidates are team-players ready to own their work
from the start to the end

Additional Benefits

• Annual vacation - 25 paid days
• Health insurance
• Trainings and conferences support
• Unlimited full access to Udemy and LinkedIn Learning resources
• Flexible in remote and office work

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