Scala Bootcamp (3-month FREE online course)
Scala Bootcamp (3-month FREE online course)
Evolution Latvia SIA
Scala Bootcamp (3-month FREE online course)

Scala Bootcamp (3-month FREE online course)Evolution Latvia SIA

Job Description

You are invited to join a free online Bootcamp [Scala] led by some of the most experienced Scala Engineers at Evolution. Our training program will introduce you to the practical application of Functional Programming in Scala. Successfully mastering the program will give you an opportunity to work as a software engineer at Evolution!

Please note that there is NO REQUIREMENT to have previous Scala or Functional Programming experience.

Format: Online

Duration: 3 months, September 2021 - December 2021

Frequency: Twice a week from 19:00 to 21:00 (GMT+3) on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Language: English

What You Need

  • Commercial programming experience or a last year IT specialty student
  • English language level - ‘Intermediate’ or higher
  • Willingness to learn Scala and Functional Programming and write clean, production-quality code
  • Interest in joining Evolution after the bootcamp completion

Please note that there is NO REQUIREMENT to have previous Scala or Functional Programming experience.

What We Offer

  • Knowledge of practical Functional Programming in Scala, including libraries such as Akka, Akka Persistence, developing HTTP services and more
  • Support in developing a course project using a practical programming approach
  • Individual mentorship and feedback

How It Works

Sign Up. Fill out the application form.

Get Selected. Complete the practical assignment.

Learn Scala. Participate in the Bootcamp, develop your course project.

Why Scala with Evolution

Evolution is an international, world leading, B2B developer and provider of games and services for the online casino industry with 1000+ Engineers present in Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria. We are successfully using Scala as the programming language for back-end services.

Scala is a mature language that runs on the JVM and supports the Functional Programming paradigm, which in turn leads to writing high-quality and maintainable code. It has good interoperability with existing Java code, as well as excellent frameworks for developing distributed low-latency systems.

We believe Scala is the most practical and productive programming platform for most of our backend services. Scala is type-safe and in conjunction with the supporting libraries allows us to develop software that is scalable and reliable.

Scala is a successful commercial language that is widely used in Evolution, Linkedin, Twitter, Netflix, Epic Games and other companies.

At Evolution, we have successfully used functional Scala in production since 2013 to build a scalable and reliable gaming platform.

We have more than 100 knowledgeable Scala engineers keen to mentor newcomers in Scala and modern Functional Programming practices.

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