Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division North
Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division North
Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division North
Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division North
Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division North

Head of Contracting Cell - Multinational Division NorthHEADQUARTERS MULTINATIONAL DIVISION NORTH (MND N)

Requirements for candidates

Terms of employment

a. Salary and basic terms.
The Salary will depend partly on the qualifications and working experience of the applicant, as well as the performance, and will be assessed on a regular basis. The minimum salary during the trial period will be 1.250 - 1,500 EUR/month pending your expertise and level of professionalism and will be subject for re-negotiations after the trial period. Bonus a salary can be negotiated once a year.

b. Qualifications and experience
i. Education/Training

Bachelor level: Financial or logistic management.

Experience within Finance and Procurement or Logistic and Contracting Service from national or multinational military higher headquarters or equivalent larger private or governmental company.

ii. Language
English - SLP 3333 - (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
NOTE: The work requires both oral and written English and in this Headquarters as a whole, the working language is English.

iii. Security Clearance
The job requires a security clearance to NATO Secret, which must be obtained via the Latvian Security Services. Multinational Division North will assist in this matter.

Job description

Head of the Contracting Cell is leading the cell and directs all matters concerning contracting and procurement. There is one assistant in the cell as well.
The job consists of the following:
a. Procuring all material and services for the MND N;
b. Concluding all contracts with firms offering goods and services to the MND N;
c. Collecting and investigating contract requirements, once contract action has been authorized;
d. Prepares and submits Invitations For Bids (IFB);
e. Conducting internet purchases to ensure prompt delivery and to improve contractor responsiveness, this with approval by Chief Budget & Fiscal Branch;
f. Awarding and concluding contracts up to 20,000 euro;
g. Assistance in planning and preparation of the budget;
h. Co-operation with firms and companies offering goods and services.
i. Initiate market surveys and keep an overview of possible vendor’s for future cooperation.
j. Recommending amounts under contract authority for future fiscal years.
k. Staff VAT and customs.
l. Participate as the Contracting officer of the Division during exercises and perform duties during crisis and war.
m. This post reports to: Assistant Chief of Staff G8, Chief BUDFIN.
n. The incumbent may be required to undertake duty travel assignments within NATO's boundaries.

In the daily work you manage and direct all the requests for goods and services received by the other staff members for the running of the headquarters and many different activities throughout the year. You will be an important player in the Budget and Finance team and take part in the coordination with the rest of the staff. There will be a number of meetings, conferences and military exercises to contribute to and do the operational contracting support as well. You will have to get an intimate knowledge of the NATO contracting procedures and apply them to all the procurements and all procedures will be governed by our Financial Administrative Procedures. For this you will have to be able to adapt to a dynamic work environment and be supportive for the rest of the branch as well as other members of staff. The job carries a lot of responsibility and demands accurate and focused execution.
Every year the financial transactions will be subject for audit, and you will be the key player in this event. You must be able to present data, cooperate with different military ranks as well as civilian companies. Good communication skills are therefore key to your success. You will have to be familiar with IT and software needed for a financial workflow, as well as be able to present information electronically.
You will be part of a learning environment, where we are training ourselves, as well as participating in professional courses nationally as well as international courses in NATO.

What we offer

We offer a challenging and independent job in a multinational organization, where you will be able to work together with both civilian and military employees. You will be coordinating with public institutions and private companies both in Latvia and other countries and you should expect some travel as part of your duties.

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