Junior Data Engineer
Junior Data Engineer
Junior Data Engineer
Junior Data Engineer
Junior Data Engineer

Junior Data Engineerscandiweb

What is it?

When it comes to analytics, the most important factor in determining how accurately a business can scale and make correct marketing decisions is how the accuracy and availability of meaningful data are based. Before data analysis, it must be harvested from the appropriate medium - this is where data engineers come into play.

As a scandiweb data engineer, your main responsibilities include setting up and maintaining user data tracking on eCommerce sites and ensuring truthful data to aggregation and marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, GoogleAds, Facebook Business Manager, and more.

To be proficient in the field, a good understanding of front-end technologies is required as well as an analytical mindset when it comes to extracting user data (do not worry if you do not know much about analytics or marketing at the beginning). The position also calls for infrequent meetings with clients and other parties involved to discuss analytics setups so good communication skills and good application of the English language go hand in hand. This would be what you'd begin with.

After that, you'd move towards more complex Data collection tasks, such as installing and configuring modules for Magento that inject data onto the website's dataLayer. In addition, Data Engineer will work with preparing data pipelines that bring together information in data warehouses from different source systems (Ad platforms, Web analytics platforms, order management systems, email, and marketing automation platforms, etc). Integrate, consolidate, cleanse and structure the data for further analytical purposes.

The position is a mix of development concepts, analytics, marketing, morals and ethics, some legal matters, and efficient communication between various parties - project management, developers, other marketing people, and clients.

Tech skills that we're looking for

  • Javascript: Basic knowledge (primitive, complex data types, JSON, callback functions)
  • Control flow (loops, logic gates)
  • Functions and array methods (map, reduce, filter, etc)
  • A firm understanding of DOM element manipulation
  • Query selectors
  • Event listeners & event bubbling (delegation)
  • Adding & changing the page content
  • Changing CSS styles programmatically
  • Class manipulation
  • DOM scraping,asynchronous vs synchronous fundamentals (async/await, promises), local storage manipulation (cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage, and cache)
  • ES6 and ES5 syntax
  • Javascript frameworks - a basic understanding of how single-page applications work under the hood, most optimal to have: React.
  • HTML & CSS - needed for DOM manipulation; mostly done via Google Tag Manager
  • RegEx
  • Network requests - an understanding of headers, body, payloads

Additional bonus points if:

  • Knowledge and previous experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager
  • Previous experience in Digital Marketing field
  • Knowledge and previous experience with running A/B tests
  • Experience working with databases

Our promise to you!

  • Active and interesting Online Office - games, gatherings, discussions, activities…
  • Crowdbonus - every month colleagues reward each other
  • Optional flexible working hours
  • Professional certification
  • Health Insurance
  • Language course coverage
  • Commitment to your professional growth - we'll provide you with the necessary courses, learning materials, and mentorship to support your growth. You will work on interesting, complex, and innovative projects with senior colleagues to help you adapt fast
  • and more! You will find it out when you join the interview!

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